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  •    Shenzhen many kay technology Co., LTD. (shenzhen dokai technology co., LTD) is an independent research and development, production and sales of all kinds of inductive proximity sensors, infrared photoelectric sensor enterprise, with the development and progress of the market continuously, and the industrial automation products of the increasing demand, kay technology in after years of practice and the use of industry based on the experience, and to provide customers with customized sensor products. To provide long-term effective stable potential value growth and reduce the cost.

    The main products of the company are: round, square, two line type, three line type, inductive proximity sensors, infrared photoelectric sensors hundreds of varieties. Mainly used in half automation, automation equipment and automatic production line, and also used in half automation, automation household, automobile, engineering, and other fields products.

    Our products are widely used in metallurgy, steel, petroleum, chemical industry, textile, tobacco, food, printing, mining, electronic, manufacturing, instruments, logistics and other industries industrial machinery and equipment and automation equipment and automation production line, for spacing protection, location detecting signals, and automatic counting, guns, etc... Role.

    Many kay declaration: professional make position strength leading development
    Many kay mission: to be China's most professional and precise industrial sensor development production enterprise.
    Many kay idea: the focus, master, high efficiency, stable.
    Development culture: development culture is designed and fine cultural orientation, is right and professional don't public; Development culture advocate: not in fact exaggerate, not content with the status quo, dared to challenge the record high, dare to the self; A breakthrough in the spirit, be positive to treat, have to the higher realms of march dedication; Only can not think, did not do.
    Customer orientation: to the quality and service as the root, and win the trust of customers and meet.
    Quality and efficiency: quality is the life of the brand kay, efficiency is the soul, the quality and efficiency of the life is more wonderful coexist.
    We will be keen on innovation, and constantly develop new products with high quality, meet the customer product the personalized needs of customization, and dedicated to provide you perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sale service.